About Us

Filling your dog's life with wags!

WagWag was started by loving dog owners - just like you - who face the same struggle all pet-lovers do: finding new and exciting ways to make our dogs happy. And since our pets are our family, we spend lots of time and money doing just that. The best solution is to give them stimulating toys, treats, and chews that will keep them busy and delighted --right?

The trouble is the time and effort it takes to research - and then go find - toys and chews that are up to our little one's standards. Not to mention the bill we leave the pet store with.

We decided that there needs to be an easier and joyous way to keep our dogs happy. WagWag was created not only to make it EFFORTLESS for you to provide the best products for your dog, but also to make it exciting to unbox together. Making it more chic than ever to provide consistent stimulation to your furry family member – resulting in a healthier happier dog.

By choosing quality items for your monthly box, our mission is to ensure you won’t have to worry about choice and variety, but rather can enjoy each WagWag box delivery with your pup.

WagWag is based in Tel Aviv, we currently deliver solely within the city. 

I fell in love with dogs at a very young age. I remember thinking that if I made the same wish on my fallen eyelashes enough times it would have to come true! And so from the age of 8 I wished for a puppy every time I found a fallen eyelash.
It is hard to compare anything to the love and happiness we get from having a furry family member. That's why for the past few years I have been working hard to give back that happiness to the dogs of Tel Aviv. I want every dog parent to be able to get those tails wagging and those dogs jumping.

After adopting a very picky and spoiled dog (Jimmy) I had to start putting in more time and effort into finding the perfect items to get him excited, through that I realized that there is a way to make it easier for all dog parents.  
The most important part of this all for me is to have shared fun and excitement with our pet.