fill your dog's life with joy

wagwag box is a curated monthly box of goods for your best four legged friends!

how does it work?

tell us about your pup

tell us a little bit about the pooch, their name, size and dietary preference. 

wait for your box

try to wait patiently for the monthly drop off date to receive this magical box.

unbox and wag away

let your pup wag away with joy as you unbox the treats, toys and surprises. 


spoil your pup

Playful - Worry Free - Pampering

join the wagwag pack and let us pamper you and your pup with a themed collection of goodies -  every month!



2 exciting toys


2 tasty treats


a chew


a surprise item

customized to each month's unique themed collection.

wagwag was created not only to make it EFFORTLESS for you to provide the best products for your dog, but also to make it exciting to unbox together. Making it more chic than ever to provide consistent stimulation to your furry family member – resulting in a healthier happier dog.

wagwag is based in Tel Aviv, we currently deliver solely within the city.

one time box

250 ₪ / month

3 month box

230 ₪ / month

6 month box

210 ₪ / month

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"I love my wagwag box! Every month when it arrives I bark with joy and jump with excitement. It's full of fun stuff for me to share with my best friends. I love that surprise element - I never know what I'm going to get but I always know I'm going to love it!"



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